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Marcel was involved in ground-breaking legal proceedings, e.g. the introduction of “free internet” (Ilse/Wanadoo), the development of image rights in professional football (the Croky affair), the introduction of database protection (Telegraaf/NVM) and resale right (Simonis & Buunk/Pictoright). 

Marcel is a member of the Supervisory Board Copyright law (CvTA), board member of the Copyright Association (VvA). He is president of the journal of copyright-, media- and information and the author of the book “Geen beelden Geen nieuws”. Marcel was partner at Houthoff Buruma and has worked for the Holland Festival. 

Marcel de Zwaan

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Monica specialises in corporate law and governance. She has extensive experience with mergers, partnerships and disputes in non-profit, cultural and health care organisations. She is a board member of various cultural institutions (Amsterdam Bar, Groene Amsterdammer, VPRO and Bijbels Museum) and has taught several post-graduate courses. She was a lecturer at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) from 2007-2012 (Master Arts and Law).

Monica is listed as an official to be appointed in legal proceedings with The Enterprise Chamber of The Court of Appeals in Amsterdam.

Monica Bremer 

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Corstiaan has been admitted to the Amsterdam Bar in January 2018 and has been working in the legal practice of Bremer & De Zwaan since October 2016. Corstiaan studied law at the Radboud University in Nijmegen and wrote his thesis on the ‘parody-exception’ in copyright. During his studies (master criminal and civil law) Corstiaan worked at the public prosecutor's office in The Hague. Corstiaan is a fanatic basketball player who played in the Dutch pro league for Matrixx Magixx Nijmegen and currently plays for Harlem Lakers (Amsterdam).

Corstiaan is a member of the Young Litigators Society and member of the editorial board ‘Intellectual Property’ of OpenRecht.

Corstiaan Kan

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